We, at i2v don’t sell services; we trade ideas to the present day entrepreneurs/SMEs to steal the show and survive in the rat race of the business scenario. Providing you with a robust Sales Support system to climb the ladder of success, we bring every possible resource and element together that you already possess in your business. With a customer-centric approach, we let the SMEs see the gaps in the small business armoury and watch out for the barriers while engaging the stakeholders. We target to take the Market Followers to the Market Challengers level.

i2v (a journey from Main se Hum) is an idea propelled from the creative minds to create a benchmark in the sector of B2B sales, enhancing customer and staff relations. Proving to be the connoisseur in top-notch customer relation management, we lead you all along the trail from “I” to “We” and help you to have a remarkable reputation in the industry by improvising your relations with customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

Regardless of the size of the sector, we provide you with a framework that works as a single repository for holding every vital contact so that the overall units can be more coordinated. Supporting the sales functions with the best-in-class techniques and understanding the intricacies of the competitive business scenario, our combined expertise of over 100 years helps you to get a competitive evaluation of the market.

The whole concept of our organization revolves around the B2B2B, and we strive to be India’s most renowned and customer-centric sales function outsourcing brand. We do a lot more than assistance. You can say that we plot a complete round of transformation that can let your business grow and prosper with effective leadership, management, sales and operation skills. Working closely with our clients, we help them to define the true nature of their organization and provide strategies for a more rewarding and productive team performance.

Work with us and discover the new-found team spirit. Make your business a more profitable affair as each element works in proper coordination with their functions.